The good thing about...The beauty with forums, is if somebody posts a picture of his new (or vintage) watch, almost always there is anyone who has a somewhat 'special' kind of that same watch. Inside the Omega Forum at TimeZone.com, AaronJK posted a photo of his new Christmas present:A Seamaster Chronograph with caliber 861 (depending on Lemania caliber 1871). I like this model btw, with those colored dials.Brand new show after AaronJK's original post within the forum, 'quatre_temps' posts his type of this vintage 1970 Seamaster Chronograph with 'roulette wheel'. I had created not witnessed this particular one before. Good!And before rounding up this particular blog post, Let me incorporate another vintage (and 'rare') Omega watch today watches . JBagnall posted the subsequent text within the Omega Forum at TimeZone:"This watch has been around our family for 36 yrs. Originally purchased for my Father in 1969 is often a true World Traveller. With the possible exception of Latin america it has been on every Continent gps running watch . It offers taken a ride on a Yak in Nepal, been in Safari in Africa, survived 4 Monsoon seasons in India, by Motorcycle has traversed north of manchester American continent no less than 5x and travelled through all of The european union. They have survived Fog fake watches europe , Snow and rain on numerous Motorcycle trips, all told somewhere approximately 200,000km's. The watch includes a 930cal (modified 861cal)that dispenses using the 12hr counter in preference of to start dating ? Window. "Although it appears that the bracelet and case do not match (case is probably doubl?© or at best not 14Kt gold, as well as the bracelet probably is 14kt gold), it's really a marvelous watch! Although I am not hot for gold, I might wear this definitely. Probably on a nice brown croco leather strap! A good thing ofcourse, could be the story behind this watch that means it is stand out. quality replica rolex watches
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